It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to properly garden, but it does take a little know how, some patience, and most of all, avoiding these 10 gardening mistakes! These 10 gardening mistakes every beginner makes may seem like no-brainers, but you'd be surprised to find that most people are actually guilty of these gardening infractions! So before you start your salsa garden, read up on these gardening mistakes to avoid any problems and have a fruitful harvest!

10 Gardening Mistakes


#1. Growing From Seed

If you're a beginner gardener, the biggest mistake you can make is to grow directly from seed. Instead, purchase seedlings from your local nursery because you'll be avoiding a lot of problems in the long run. Growing directly from seed, for a beginner gardener at least, can come with a lot of problems, especially if germination isn't exact!

#2. Starting With The Wrong Varieties

Everyone wants a garden full of less-than-usual herbs and vegetables, but getting caught up in what's “new and trending” can lead to a failed garden. Instead, head to your local nursery and ask which varieties are best suited for your climate, and, which are most popular. More than likely, the most popular varieties are also the easiest and most fail-proof to grow.

#3. Watering

Watering is one of the most important factors, and the one that can get a beginner gardener in trouble the most! Herbs, vegetables, and fruits, all have different watering schedules and needs, therefore it's important to read every label and water accordingly.

#4. Pruning

Pruning is an extremely important part of gardening, especially when it comes to herbs. But be wary, as not all vegetables and herbs need pruning. Some vegetables, such as basil, benefit greatly from pruning, while others do not.

#5. Soil

Like watering, each plant may need different soil. Some vegetables requires more alkaline soil than others, therefore you'll need to read the label or research to see what type of soil each plant requires.

#6. Growing Medium

If you're just starting out, you may think that building a raised bed and planting everything together is a good idea. While that's a good idea in theory (saves you space and time), it doesn't always translate to a successful garden. Some vegetables don't grow well together, and so planting them in the same pot or the same bed will result in these plants competing with one another, which can spell disaster! For example, check out these herbs that grow together!

#7. Fertilizer

If you don't feed your plants, they may not grow! Simply put, your fruits and vegetables need sustenance if they are to grow big and healthy! Follow the label on your plants to see what type of feed they may need, and always try to use organic, non-chemical fertilizers.

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Gardening Mistakes

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