Spicy globe bush basil are herbs that are small and compact, growing only to about 6-12 inches in height. This rounded shape makes them very attractive and they do well in flower beds as well as herb gardens. Unlike regular basil which is sweet, spicy globe bush basil is spicy, making it an excellent addition to pastas, stews, soups, and pestos. Interested in learning how to grow spicy globe bush basil? Keep reading the gardening guide below!

Spicy globe bush basil is easy to grow and will reward you with a big harvest! Part of the basil family, the spicy globe bush basil, Ocimum basilicum,grows as an annual herb, but can also be grown indoors with other herbs.

How to Grow Spicy Globe Bush Basil

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Planting Spicy Globe Bush Basil:

  • Plant seeds in the spring, once all danger of frost has passed, and when temperatures have reached the 40s or 50s (4-10C).
  • Plant in well draining soil enriched with compost, about 1/8 inch in depth.
  • Water lightly immediately after planting.
  • Soil must be kept moist until germination occurs.
  • Thin seedlings once they are about 1/4 inch in height.
  • Spicy globe bush basil prefers morning sun in the spring, and afternoon sun in hot, humid summers.
  • Water regularly during the growing season as well as during hot spells.
  • Spicy globe bush basil does not need much fertilizer – it should thrive on its own. Only feed if you see the plant is not doing well, otherwise, it could possibly change the taste of the basil.

Harvesting Spicy Globe Bush Basil:

spicy basil
  • You can harvest this variety of basil once it has several true leaves.
  • To keep its beautiful round shape, try harvesting only the small, dense leaves.
  • Summer is usually the best time to harvest basil because it loves the heat, therefore an abundant summer harvest is to be expected.
  • Can be used in vinegars, salads, soups, and pastas to spice up any dish.
  • If you have any leftover basil, simply dry it out!

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Spicy Globe Bush Basil
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