Cashews are some of the most delicious nuts on the planet, but if you want to learn how to grow cashew trees, you'll first need the right environment. Cashew nut trees are native to Brazil, and therefore require a tropical or subtropical climate. If you don't live in a warm environment and want to grow cashew trees, you'll need to set up a greenhouse. Ideally, the temperature should not drop below 50F (10C), nor rise above 105F (40C).

Keep reading to learn how to grow cashew trees in your garden! In fact, as long as you live in the right climate (USDA Zone 10-11), cashew trees are fairly easy to grow, and once planted, can sprout like weeds!

How to Grow Cashew Trees

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Planting Cashew Trees:

  • Plant the seed in well draining, sandy soil.
  • After planting, water deeply and fertilize once the tree starts sprouting.
  • Water regularly during dry spells and provide fertilizer in its growing season, especially when the tree is flowering.
  • A good fertilizer to use would be one that contains nitrogen, phosphorous, and zinc.
  • Trim the young cashew trees to remove dead branches that may be broken or diseased.
  • It will take about 2-3 years for the cashew tree to bear nuts.
  • The flowers will grow in the winter, not summer, and the nuts will also come to fruition in the winter.

Cashew Harvest:

  • The tree produces rose-colored, very fragrant flowers which develop into edible fruits called cashew apples.
  • The cashew nuts grow in shells at the bottom of the apple.
  • Be careful though because the shell in which the nut resides contains a caustic oil that may cause burns and/or skin irritation.
  • Remove the nut from the shell either by freezing the entire fruit and then separating it (using gloves), or just separate carefully, also while donning gloves.

So now that you know how to grow cashew trees, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to planting!

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How to Grow Cashew Trees

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