So what exactly are bathroom plants? Bathroom plants are simply low maintenance plants that will thrive in a small, low light space such as your bathroom. Having plants in your bathroom is beneficial not only for the air inside your home, but also because a lot of these plants actually pick up and filet disgusting air particles and pollutants such as feces. Gross, right? But thankfully, these bathroom plants don't need a lot of light or a lot of care, so having them in your bathroom is a must-have. Plus, let's not forget the aesthetic part – live plants can make a bathroom look much more tropical, modern, and relaxed.

8 Best Bathroom Plants

#1. Ferns


Ferns love high-humidity so a bathroom would be a perfect habitat for them! They also don't need a lot of light and only require a small amount of water!

#2. Spider Plant

spider plant

The spider plant effectively removes traces of carbon monoxide as well as other air pollutants. Water twice a week.

#3. Peace Lily

peace lily

Bring an air of elegance to any bathroom with the peace lily. The peace lily also keeps the air purified and doesn't require much care!

#4. Cast Iron Plant

cast iron plant

Not to be confused with a cast iron PAN, the cast iron plant loves shade and dry soil!

#5. Orchid

purple orchid

Orchids love shaded areas with high humidity, so the bathroom will be its perfect medium.

#6. Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Set it and forget it! Aloe vera not only cleanse the air, but is also very low maintenance and can go for weeks without water. Plus, if you cut or burn yourself, your aloe vera will be nice and handy in the bathroom!

#7. Snake Plant

snake plant

The snake plant is a air purifier powerhouse as it filters formaldehyde from the air. Place it on a windowsill.

#8. Bamboo

bamboo plant

The bamboo not only look amazing in a bathroom and gives it a zen vibe, but it also doesn't require any light!

These bathroom plants are perfect for any room in your home though, as they don't require much light or care!

Happy Planting!

Bathroom Plants

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