Guavas are a tropical fruit that are highly prized for their amazing taste. Originally from Mexico, these delicious tropical fruits can easily be grown in a pot or container. Although there are dozens of different varieties of guava, there are only three which are suitable for container growing: tropical guavas, strawberry guavas, and pineapple guavas. Each of those varieties can be grown in pots or containers and are fairly easy to maintain. Today we'll show you how to grow guava in pots with our easy to follow gardening guide.

How to Grow Guava in Pots or Containers

guava tree

Planting Guavas:

  • Guavas thrive best in moist, well drained soil which a pH of 5 and 7. Use a combination of potting soil and organic compost.
  • Select a container that is at least 18-24 inches across and just as deep. Make sure your pot also has good drainage holes.
  • Place your pot in an area with full sun.
  • Guavas don't need a lot of water, even in warm weather. During the summer, water your guava plant 2-3 times per month, deeply.
  • Guavas are drought resistant, so try not to water them too much, especially during the winter.
  • Use an organic, granular fertilizer once every three months.
  • Guavas don't need much pruning, but do remove any dead branches.
  • During cold winters, cover the plant with a tarp to protect it from frost.

Other than that, guava trees are pretty self sufficient and don't need a lot of maintenance or care. Simply use good soil with good drainage, water sparingly, fertilize once every 3 months, and protect during cold!

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How to Grow Guava

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