Planting and growing cucumbers is fairly easy, but these 10 tips for growing cucumbers will make it an absolute BREEZE! Cucumbers are great vegetables because they contain a ton of vitamins and minerals, so it's always a good idea to incorporate cucumbers into your dishes! These 10 tips for growing cucumbers will make planting and growing them super simple so much so that anyone can do it! So let's get to planting!

#1. Full Sun

Make sure to plant your cucumbers in a spot where they'll receive full sun. If you live in a hot, tropical climate, make sure your cucumbers have afternoon shade!

#2. Space Them Evenly

The cucumber plants should be 3 inches apart and the rows should be 5 inches apart. Take a tape measure to measure this, so you can ensure the fastest and healthiest growth!

#3. Add Compost and Manure After

After vines have developed, add compost AND manure. Keep replenishing as needed!

#4. Yellow Leaves = Need More Nitrogen

If yous see your leaves turning yellow, it's a sign of nitrogen deficiency. Sprinkle some compost or fertilizer that's rich in nitrogen to fix this problem.

#5. Trellis if Possible

If it's possible, trellis your plants. It will make them grow faster, and will keep animals away!

#6. Water Frequently

Water between 1-2 inches of water per week. Keep the soil moist at all times!

#7. Keep pH Regular

Make sure to keep the pH between 6 and 7.

#8. Cover

When first planted, keep the rows covered to keep bugs away. Once the plant starts flowering, remove the cover.

#9. The More You Pick, the More You Get

The more you pick cucumbers, the more they will yield!

#10. Pick the Cucumbers

To pick the cucumbers correctly, use a knife to cut the stem about a quarter inch above.

Happy Planting and Don't Forget to Share 🙂

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