If you talk to any gardener, you'll know that one of their all-time favorite crops to grow are tomatoes. Tomatoes are fairly easy to grow, but they can also cause quite a few issues, so that even the most experienced of gardeners can have issues. Today we'll talk about 3 tomato growing tips that you never knew about. These tips and tricks are not well known, but will help you maximize your tomato crop and will ensure that your plants grow big and healthy!

3 Tomato Growing Tips

tomatoes in a garden

These tomato growing tips will help you grow tomatoes quickly and successfully. Follow these tips and we guarantee your crop will be your best ever!

#1. Determinate Vs. Indeterminate

determinate vs indeterminate

Did you know that there are 2 different types of tomato plants? Determinate plants are tomatoes that have a pre-determined size. This means that your tomatoes will grow and once they reach their pre-determined size, will stop growing and put all of their energy into producing more fruit. This type is perfect for those with a short growing season as well as smaller spaces since they grow to about 3-4 feet tall and stop there.

Obviously then, indeterminate plants means that your tomatoes will keep growing and growing. If left alone, these plants can grow to be very tall. The indeterminate type is great for those who have a longer growing season and more space.

So how can you tell whether a tomato plant is determinate or indeterminate? Simply look at the seed packet – it will usually tell you!

#2. Choose Homemade Vs Store Bought

tomato cages

Most tomato plants grow to be at least 4 feet tall (for the determinate type) and at least 8 feet tall for the indeterminate type. The store bought tomato cages are badly built and very small, so you'll just end up wasting your money. Instead, build your own or have someone build you one. Make sure it's tall and sturdy, as your tomato plants need as much support as possible. The more support they have, the bigger and healthier they'll grow.

#3. Don't Treat Tomatoes Like Other Vegetables

watering tomatoes

Tomatoes' preferred watering schedule and method is very different than that of other vegetables. Therefore, when you're out there watering your veggies, don't treat your tomatoes the same. For example, tomatoes hate getting sprayed! Tomatoes prefer deep watering once a week, and that's it! Spraying them from above will only inhibit growth and will make your tomatoes taste a lot less sweeter too!

So now that you know these tomato growing tips, it's time to roll up those sleeves and start planting! See more info about how to grow tomatoes!

Happy Planting!

Tomato Growing Tips

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