Most plants and vegetables need to be replanted again in the spring, but these 5 perennial vegetables only need to be planted ONCE to be enjoyed forever! Most gardeners are very aware of these amazing veggies, and for good reason too! These vegetables are low maintenance, delicious, and don't ever need to be replanted again – they'll just keep giving and giving! To find out what these 5 perennial vegetables are, keep reading below!

5 Perennial Vegetables That Grow Again and Again

#1. Aspargus


Asparagus is a little slow growing, and the first year, you won't even be able to harvest any! But just wait until the second year, and you'll have an abundance of it, plus you'll never have to worry about planting it again!

#2. Globe Artichoke

artichoke plant

This variety of artichoke prefers moist soil and lots of sun, so be sure to mulch around, especially in the winter to keep soil nice and warm. Plant once and enjoy forever!

#3. Jerusalem Artichoke (Sunchokes)


Give the Jerusalem artichoke plenty of space and sun, and it'll reward you with big, beautiful sunchokes year after year!

#4. Alliums

garlic chives

Garlic, onions, and chives are all able to survive cold winters just as long as you leave a few shoots behind. This way, they can flower and seed themselves for an even harvest next season!

#5. Radicchio and Chicory


Radicchio and chicory will keep growing back again and again as long as you don't uproot it. So instead of uprooting your plants, just cut them off at the base, and cover with straw in the winter. In the spring, you'll never new plants again!

These perennial vegetables will not only change your garden, but will also give you so much more time for other fruits and veggies you may want to plant!

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Perennial Vegetables

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