Radishes are a hardy, cool season vegetable that grow very quickly, resulting in many crops. Radishes can be planted either in the spring or the fall, but you should steer away from really hot summers – radishes like it a little cooler! Overall, radishes are fairly easy to grow, and they only take about 30 days to fully mature. After 30 days, your radishes are ready to harvest! Keep reading to find out how to grow radishes in your garden and have an amazing radish bounty!

How to Grow Radishes in Your Garden

radish plants

Planting Radishes:

  • Plant your radish seeds about 4-6 weeks before the last expected frost date.
  • Before planting, worked in some aged manure or organic fertilizer to prep the soil.
  • Sow seeds directly about 1/2 inch deep, one inch apart, and in rows that are 12 inches apart.
  • Once your radishes have sprouted, thin to 2 inch spacing. If you do not do this, your radishes may not grow big and healthy – they like the room!
  • Choose a location that is in the sun – radishes do not like the shade.
  • Rotate your radish crop every three years to prevent soil borne disease.
  • Plant consecutively every two weeks while the weather is still cool to ensure a continuous supply.

Caring for Radish Plants:

  • Make sure they're planted in well drained soil.
  • Keep the soil moist but never water clogged.
  • Thin your radishes to 2 inches apart once they're about a week old – you'll get the most amazing crop ever!

Harvesting Radishes:

radish harvest

  • Radishes are very fast growing, and some varieties can be harvested as early as 3 weeks after planting!
  • Do not leave radishes in the ground after maturing – they will deteriorate quickly!

So now that you know how to grow radishes, let's get our hands dirty and start the planting!

Happy Planting!

How to Grow Radishes

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